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Please find our high quality treatment costs below. Our aim is to offer you the best possible price, for your preferred choice of dental treatment.


Treatment Price(£) from
Routine Examination 64.50
Childrens Examination 35.00
Panoral X-Ray 55.00
Small Radiographs 15.00 each
Registered Patient Emergency Appointment 55.00
Non Registered Patient Emergency Appointment 92.50
New Patient Exam 64.50

Dental Hygiene

Treatment Price(£) from
30 minutes 84.00
40 Minutes 100.00
Non Registered Patient Hygiene Appointment 90.00
Under 18 Hygiene Appointment 74.00
Airflow (Stain Removal) 15.00 on top of hygiene appointment
Root Planing 60 Minutes 452.00


Treatment Price(£) from
Fissure Sealants 22.00 per tooth
Upper/Lower Partial Denture 780.00
Full Upper & Lower Dentures 1450.00
Composite Bonding 140.00
Tooth Coloured Fillings 108.00
Amalgam Filling 97.50
Veneers 788.00
Emax Crown 625.00
Zirconia Crown 845.00
Full Gold Crown 920.00
Crown Recement 64.00
Tooth Whitening with Boutique Whitening 320
Enlighten Whitening 670.00


Treatment Price(£) from
Routine Extraction 135.00
Wisdom Tooth Extraction 225.00
Surgical Extraction 250.00


Treatment Price(£) from
Study Models 45.00
Prescription 12.00
Sedation Consultation 58.00
Sedation (IV) 350.00 per hour
Non AGP Enhanced Infection Control Fee 10.50
AGP Enhanced Infection Control Fee 24.00

Dental Practice Plan

Treatment Price(£) from
Children 6-12 years 9.95 per month
Adults 30.83 per month

*Please speak to our reception team if you would be interested in booking a free consultation with Sarah, thank you.


Treatment Price(£) from
Invisalign – Clear Invisible Braces 2,800.00 (depending on case severity)

Specialist Appointments

Specialist Consultations

Treatment Price(£) from
Periodontics 182.50
Implants 145.50
Prosthodontics (Crowns, Bridges and Dentures, Tooth Wear, Aesthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening) 193.50
Endodontics 107.50

*Please note it is our practice policy to take 100% of the consultation fee at the time of the booking

Specialist Endodontics

Treatment Price(£) from
Single Canal Teeth 670.00
Core Build Up 108.00
Pre-Molars 759.00
Molars 808.00
Surgery/Apicoectomy 800.00

*Re-Root Canal treatment incurs an additional fee of £100.00

Specialist Periodontal

Treatment Price(£) from
Non-Surgical Treatment 230.00
Surgical Treatment 600.00
Reassesment 90.00
Hygiene Appointment with Periodontist 90.00
Crown Lenghtening 280.00

*Includes surgical treatment including periodontal regenerative therapies, crown lengthening, soft tissue grafts, treatment of peri-implantitis.

Implant Treatments

Treatment Price(£) from
Implants 2900.00
Sinus Lift 540.00
Bone Graft 1081.00
Annual Implant Review 50.00
Full Implant-Retained Bridge 18,000.00
Full Lower Arch Implant Supported Denture 8,500.00
Full Upper Arch Implant Supported Denture 12,000.00