We make every effort to ensure that referrals are dealt with efficiently as we receive them. Patients respond well and are more motivated to begin specialist treatment if they are contacted soon after the referral has been made by their own dentist. We endeavour to speak with the patient within 2 days of receiving their referral.

1. Referral received at MK Dental Spa.

2. Letter sent to referring dentist to confirm receipt.

3. Patient contacted within 48 hours to book an appointment.

4. Initial consultation appointment booked (50% of consultation fee to be taken upon booking)

5. A treatment plan detailing the cost and timing of the treatment is prepared by the specialist after the initial consultation. More detailed treatment plans are prepared by the specialist and posted to the patient within a week of their consultation.

6. Patients with complex treatment plans are offered a free of charge review 2 weeks later to discuss the treatment plan in more detail with the specialist.

7. Treatment visits booked.

8. Once treatment is complete, a letter is sent to the referring dentist to confirm that the patient has been discharged and returned to their care for continuing treatment.

*Please note all the fields on this referral form are mandatory, please do not leave them blank. This will result in your referral either being declined or delayed. Thank you.