Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

At MK Dental Spa we offer two whitening systems

• POLA Whitening

• Enlighten

To make our patients lives easier, we did the research to see just how easy and effective these systems are.

• Both award winning

• Can be done in the comfort of your own home

• Short length appointments

• Top up syringes available

Only qualified dental professionals can legally prescribe these whitening systems.

The process

• At your exam or whitening consultation, the dentist will sit and discuss the whole process with you, answer any questions you may have and check you are suitable for this treatment

• When you attend your next appointment, your Dentist will take an impression of your teeth, The impression will be sent off to a lab where your trays will be made. This is also a chance to express any further concerns or questions you may have with our dentist.

• Two weeks later, you will return to collect your trays and whitening syringes, plus any after care the dentist feels is necessary. Don’t worry, we will ensure you leave the practice with your new kit feeling happy and confident on how to use it!

Keeping it up

We keep additional syringes in stock in case any patients would like to ‘top up’ their teeth whitening. Please contact us if you would like to purchase these.